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Business::CyberSource API is stabilizing as of 0.7.x

Business::CyberSource (BC) has been going through API changes for a while now. If you’re using it you’ve probably noticed this and wondered why? The reason behind it was when I first made it I wanted it to be extremely simple to use, and I was realistically a Junior programmer. Over the past year I learned a lot about API design and Object Oriented Programming, as well as payment gateways and credit card transaction processing. Read more →

New Module: MooseX::RemoteHelper (RFC)

BackgroundI have spent much of the last year writing and refining Remote Facades. At this point I’ve worked with SOAP, REST/JSON, and RPC url-form-encoded API’s. One of the hardest parts I’ve found is dealing with the serialization of a Data Transfer Object with a Perl interface into whatever the remote is expecting. When I started I didn’t know of these patterns, or really anything about these patterns. I highly recommend reading Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture) if you want to know more about these patterns or things like Active Record and MVC. Read more →