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TCO Windows vs Linux (Part 1: a Linux Professonal)

Today fsdaily posted an forum threadasking why they should use linux but not using certain reasons. However, some of the reasons they said can’t be used are part of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a computer.What is TCO? Here’s some of what Wikipediasays about it.A TCO assessment ideally offers a final statement reflecting not only the cost of purchase but all aspects in the further use and maintenance of the equipment, device, or system considered.

The real problem with windows is not windows

(note: this was originally intended as a reply to Why Is So Hard for Windows Users to Understand That Linux Is Not Windows, but it got so long I felt it should be it’s own post. I’m not sure the title is good, but it’s close enough)(note: I use the term users in this blog to mean people who use computers that do not, develop, administrate, repair, or are other wise considered power users, and professional computer users.