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For those that don’t know I currently create packages for AUR, and I used to work on Funtoo, as well as a fork of it Regen2 (which died by my hand). So I’ve got some experience working with BSD-ish style distro’s. I can’t comment on the Debians or Red Hats of the world, other than REPO HELL DRIVES ME NUTS. Now to the topic. Semverseems sane except for 1 thing that it doesn’t mention and an example that encourages it.

Regen2 soon

Last night I decided I’d be rolling out the first release of Regen2 in the first week of April.So as I’m sure everyone knows version are arbitrary they mean nothing… well ours are going to mean something. The first 2 numbers are the year, so 20(0.9).1.0. the Third number is the quarter, we are going to be mass stabilizing system once per quarter. I’m not sure that this will include new profiles.