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Looking for tree maintainers

I’d like to see multiple people merging the tree, with best case scenario being that it happens more than once a day. worst case status quo. I’m willing to write the scripts and teach anyone how to do it. I just ask that you can read an ebuild (to some degree) and have good judgement, or at least not too embarrassed to ask. Most ebuild merges are IUSE, KEYWORDS, and cvs line.

Tree hasn't been updated - why

So 2 days ago, when I went to sync to gentoo I didn’t get any updates. I’m not really sure why as the process seemed to go alright. It could have something to do with the next bit.My System appeared to have been compromised. Syslog-ng was disabled and all logs post dec 30 2008 were removed. So i’ve spent the better part of yesterday/today reinstalling my system. Tree should be synced and merged tonight.

regen2 maintaining it's own openrc

So openrc was updated recently, and I noticed it, I decided it was time to find out why drobbins had created his own version. so I viewed them, ultimately I decided that drobbins had made too many changes but the gentoo ebuild had its own issues. So I modified the Gentoo ebuild to use EAPI 2, removed all of the live ebuild code that shouldn’t be in it, updated the branding, and we’re ready to rock.

split package.mask

There’s been a problem with ${PORTDIR}/profiles/package.mask since I added sunrise, I didn’t realize at the time the problem wouldn’t be adding atoms, it would be keeping track of when they should be removed. I’ve decided that the best way to do it is to use portages ‘directory concatenation’ feature, I turned package.mask into a directory, it now contains a file for each overlay that has a package.mask, and one for gentoo.

open letter to Dan Robbins - merge regen2

I had an interesting conversation with thewtex on #funtoo yesterday. My conclusion is, this divergence of tree’s is stupid. We should be working on a common base, at least common enough that users could relatively easily merge our tree’s. My tree is currently ahead of yours in content by 3 sunrise merges, 1 mpd, and the 2 merges of the python overlay. Your users can’t easily get these updates.Due to the fact that we have irreconcilable views on what patches we allow, the fork must remain.

mpd overlay

I’m adding the MPD overlay courtesy of Rullzer who’s kind enough to merge and maintain it in tree. Nothing big here, just some more up to date ebuilds, and more clients for MPD.–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.