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Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 2 ( SOAP::Data::Builder )

Start by reading the first 2 parts : Part 0 Prelude (setup Part 1 SOAP::Lite SOAP::Data::Builder is simply a wrapper around SOAP::Data and SOAP::Serializer for SOAP::Lite. I used it because it made my life easier building nested complicated SOAP objects. However for Part 2 I will simply be showing how to use it to do the same code as Part 1. Unfortunately since Part 1 is so Simple this actually makes SOAP::Data::Builder more complex than SOAP::Lite would be for this. Read more →

Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 1 ( SOAP::Lite )

The most prevalent of SOAP libraries for Perl is SOAP::Lite it is the oldest and most documented. Though for all of its documentation it can be quite painful to figure out how to use it. First make sure you’ve read Part 0 to set up the server. Once that’s done let’s look at the most simple way to interface with this server. In our first example we need to send a request to getCountries, which is a method provided by the API. Read more →

Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 0 ( prelude )

This is a prelude to a series on working with SOAP Requests using Perl. For the past 3 months I have been working on a Perl API for CyberSource’s Simple Order API which uses SOAP (I should note, that although I believe most of the API is now stable some area’s still need work, and thus I don’t expect it to reach 1.0.0 anytime soon). First I used SOAP::Lite to do my requests, but I found it confusing to construct the requests that I needed to make. Read more →