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Teaching Perl - Week 1 - ( Part2 )

Teaching Perl - Part 0 - Preface

This is my 2 cents on how perl should be getting taught at my school. My school’s curriculum sucks in general across the board. But assuming I can’t change what classes are taught, when and what prerequisites this is how I would teach perl given the current computer science curriculum.Since people reading this are probably not familiar with the Fail that is Baker College(I would not choose Baker if I had to start again but credits don’t transfer easily, so it was easier to continue on with it).

Jeff Atwood fails at password security

This was originally written for a class assignment and as that has not been modified (much) for the web. Jeff Atwood’s password was compromised, the following includes a summary of how it happened, and how better security policies could have avoided it. This was written for Advanced Report Writing at Baker College.Summary of ArticleOn May 3, 2009, Jeff Atwood reports that his Stack Overflow password was compromised an that he received an email explaining the details.

Heritage Paper - Cultural Diversity

This blog entry is a test of Google Docs blog publish feature. I thought some might be interested in this paper I wrote for my Cultural Diversity class that I’m currently attending at Baker College of Auburn Hills, MI.My name is Caleb William Cushing, born Caleb Lee Rogers. I was born on October 21, 1984 in Lansing, Michigan, USA. I’m German / Norwegian by birth and German / English by law.

Participation Points

At Baker College they don’t allow teachers to grade based on attendance. I’m sure this policy is common with most schools. So what do the teacher’s do? they grade based on participation. This is crap as to be able to participate you must attend the class. What the teacher’s are actually doing is re-labeling attendance points as participation. Because it doesn’t matter whether you take part in a class conversation. All you have to do is show up.