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Download Book, The Ruining of a Good Feature

1-3 Months ago Safari Booksfinally started allowing you to download full books in pdf. It used to be that you had to download chapters of books in pdf. This was annoying even if you had tokens to do it. Tokens are Safari Books way of making sure we aren’t pirating en masse, you get 5 tokens a month and can only keep 3 months worth. So now we can download full books how nice?

Perl by Example not on O'Reilly's Safari

I like Safari. It’s a great product that I pay ~$500 a year for. I just started a Perl class and the book is Perl by Example. Guess what it isn’t on safari or at least searching for the exact title doesn’t find it. I’ve queried the O’reilly and Prentice Hall people. I pay $500 a year, all the rest of the ‘By Example’ Books are there, I want my book.