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Regen2 soon

Last night I decided I’d be rolling out the first release of Regen2 in the first week of April.So as I’m sure everyone knows version are arbitrary they mean nothing… well ours are going to mean something. The first 2 numbers are the year, so 20(0.9).1.0. the Third number is the quarter, we are going to be mass stabilizing system once per quarter. I’m not sure that this will include new profiles.

Tree hasn't been updated - why

So 2 days ago, when I went to sync to gentoo I didn’t get any updates. I’m not really sure why as the process seemed to go alright. It could have something to do with the next bit.My System appeared to have been compromised. Syslog-ng was disabled and all logs post dec 30 2008 were removed. So i’ve spent the better part of yesterday/today reinstalling my system. Tree should be synced and merged tonight.


I’m going to be pushing out an new feature to portage today, since testing has gone well.SYNC_METHOD is a new portage variable, I’ve also gone to the trouble of defining it in make.globals. The default for Regen2. is git, however, rsync and cvs have also been defined although not tested.the main benefit of SYNC_METHOD is to use one way of detecting the program you should use to detect the tree. previous variations were problematic, as rsync does not have a directory like .

to Gentoo dev or not to Gentoo dev

So after a little post about Regen2 on the Gentoo-dev mailing list. I’ve been offered mentoring to become an official gentoo dev. I’m conflicted, my main reason for saying yes would be to learn stuff that I can’t learn on my own. But I’m not sure I really want to be a gentoo-dev this means doing these other time consuming things, and I wouldn’t be able to do nearly enough from the inside.

regen2 maintaining it's own openrc

So openrc was updated recently, and I noticed it, I decided it was time to find out why drobbins had created his own version. so I viewed them, ultimately I decided that drobbins had made too many changes but the gentoo ebuild had its own issues. So I modified the Gentoo ebuild to use EAPI 2, removed all of the live ebuild code that shouldn’t be in it, updated the branding, and we’re ready to rock.

split package.mask

There’s been a problem with ${PORTDIR}/profiles/package.mask since I added sunrise, I didn’t realize at the time the problem wouldn’t be adding atoms, it would be keeping track of when they should be removed. I’ve decided that the best way to do it is to use portages ‘directory concatenation’ feature, I turned package.mask into a directory, it now contains a file for each overlay that has a package.mask, and one for gentoo.

merged java-overlay

Java in Gentoo is horribly out of date, and from what I’ve seen of the java overlay, it doesn’t improve the situation much, but it’s still better than without it. I’ve merged it into, since this was I think the most painful merge since the first I ever did, I may have made mistakes on some ebuilds, let me know if you experience problems.–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.

USE="experimental-git" sys-apps/portage

drobbins recent tipmade me think, that maybe I should point out that his solution to the problem is an annoying work around. I had this problem for a while, it was caused by my having autocrlf = input in my .gitconfig settings. Several people have told me that they have this problem without changing their crlf settings for git. After a while I decided that Funtoo/Gentoo’s git handling patches were incomplete at best and unfriendly at worst.

Banned from #funtoo

open letter to Dan Robbins - merge regen2

I had an interesting conversation with thewtex on #funtoo yesterday. My conclusion is, this divergence of tree’s is stupid. We should be working on a common base, at least common enough that users could relatively easily merge our tree’s. My tree is currently ahead of yours in content by 3 sunrise merges, 1 mpd, and the 2 merges of the python overlay. Your users can’t easily get these updates.Due to the fact that we have irreconcilable views on what patches we allow, the fork must remain.