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Regen2 accounts transferred

I killed regen2 about 2 years ago. Today I was contacted by Rafal Kupiec asking about the project. Since it’s dead he asked if he could take over the project. I have transfered the github account, and freenode channel #regen2 to him. The google groups are remaining archived. At some point in the future there should be a site at asiotec.orgI have no idea what he plans on doing with it.

Submitting Patches is better than "Patches Welcome"

So I received my first patch for Perl code a week ago. Amazingly I didn’t have to tell the person patches were welcome, they must have assumed so because my project was licensed under an OSI approved license. Also amazingly I’ve applied the patch even though it didn’t meet my quality standards. I figure that’s my fault though because no where did I document what those were.Back when I forked Regen2 from Funtoo one of the first things I did (and a reason for the fork) was create a policy for patch submission.

Google trashed my Google Site's Content

When I forked Regen2 from Funtoo over a year ago I created a web page for it on The hosting and uptime were both right for what I needed. The dns has long expired but I went to sites today to find a public link to the content, only to find that at some point they upgraded sites and completely trashed all the content I had put on there. Sure they have a revision control on there now… but it doesn’t contain ANY of the content I had left.

Iron Man and introductions

So I’ve decided to “compete” in the Iron Man competition.My name is Caleb Cushing, I’m a 25 year old, unemployed, student, living in the Greater Lansing, MI, USA, area. I’ve been programming perl for approximately 6 months. This includes a lot of off time, time to relearn the language from the class I took a couple years ago (and learn modern perl), learning Catalyst and DBIC, all of which is an ongoing process.

Regen2. don't care anymore

Yep, I don’t really care anymore. So much work needs to be done, I can’t do it alone, but neither Gentoo, Funtoo, Sabayon, or Exherbo, are going down the right path to the salvation of the ‘gentoo way’. Without help or regular feedback I lost the will to work on it. Will regen2 ever be revived? I don’t know.if you want go to Funtoo, it should be easy enough to dogit remote add funtoo git://github.

Arch, Funtoo, and Regen2's future

as I’ve been saying here recently I’m burned out, on so many angles it’s not funny. I’m apathetic, I’m not really sure I care anymore. I’m actually playing with arch at the moment to see if it’s a better fit. I also here debian sid might work. I don’t want to maintain the tree 7 days a week anymore, and I’d like an up to date system. I’ve been talking with Daniel Robbins lately about the possibility of a common tree with Funtoo, I’m not sure he wants to do it the same way I do, which is unfortunate.

Regen2 Released

Release Highlights vanilla-sources- gcc-4.3.3 glibc-2.9_20081201-r2 openrc-0.4.3-r1 baselayout-2.0.0-r2 git- perl-5.10.0 bash-4.0_p17 app-sh/dash is now included in the tarball, in the next major release I hope to make it /bin/sh please test and report any bugs with doing this. apache2 and mysql are known to have issues. openrc works fine, the average desktop system should work. Known Issues emerge --sync will not clone the tree if it does not exist in portage 2.

Looking for tree maintainers

I’d like to see multiple people merging the tree, with best case scenario being that it happens more than once a day. worst case status quo. I’m willing to write the scripts and teach anyone how to do it. I just ask that you can read an ebuild (to some degree) and have good judgement, or at least not too embarrassed to ask. Most ebuild merges are IUSE, KEYWORDS, and cvs line.


I haven’t forgotten about it. I seem to lack all motivation on Spring Break. Nothing to procrastinate on. Now that school has started I’m working in full swing, I’ve been learning metro the past few days. I should have the tarballs ready by the end of the week. I’m not sure on mirrors right now. Have at least one volunteer mirror, and I will be torrent-ing them. I’ve been seriously procrastinating on finding out how to get on the Uni mirror ring.

~arch will be testing again not stable

I think the idea of a meta distro on top of a stable base is the way to go, let people choose just what they want on bleeding edge. I like my kernel, gcc, and perl solid, sometimes I want firefox’s beta’s but that doesn’t mean I want the rest of the system like that. At some point gentoo’s ~arch became more stable that stable, this needs to end. Even if it means making stable a bit more unstable.