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I’m going to be pushing out an new feature to portage today, since testing has gone well.SYNC_METHOD is a new portage variable, I’ve also gone to the trouble of defining it in make.globals. The default for Regen2. is git, however, rsync and cvs have also been defined although not tested.the main benefit of SYNC_METHOD is to use one way of detecting the program you should use to detect the tree. previous variations were problematic, as rsync does not have a directory like .

split package.mask

There’s been a problem with ${PORTDIR}/profiles/package.mask since I added sunrise, I didn’t realize at the time the problem wouldn’t be adding atoms, it would be keeping track of when they should be removed. I’ve decided that the best way to do it is to use portages ‘directory concatenation’ feature, I turned package.mask into a directory, it now contains a file for each overlay that has a package.mask, and one for gentoo.

USE="experimental-git" sys-apps/portage

drobbins recent tipmade me think, that maybe I should point out that his solution to the problem is an annoying work around. I had this problem for a while, it was caused by my having autocrlf = input in my .gitconfig settings. Several people have told me that they have this problem without changing their crlf settings for git. After a while I decided that Funtoo/Gentoo’s git handling patches were incomplete at best and unfriendly at worst.

sync target support

HereI explain why emerge –sync should return to it’s original sync form.I think emerge sync should have the ability to have a target. Currently emerge –sync has a target of the SYNC variable in make.conf or the default hardcoded. However, git support is being added to portage. git is a very powerful tool, and the Funtooproject uses it to manage it’s full portage tree. git doesn’t work like rsync, it’s not so straight forward as rsync uri, which is effectively what emerge sync is doing.

--sync should be sync

emerge sync never should have become emerge --sync, of course 2 years ago I thought it was the right thing, it isn’t though, live and learn. sync is currently an argument with the syntax of an option. What’s the difference? An argument is what the command, or executable operates on. Some examples cp file0 file1 copies file0 to file1. ls list the current working directory ls dir0 lists directory dir0 Right, so how is --sync an argument and not an option?

types of use flags

Ok so I have yet another idea for portage and other portage like package managers. actually this is probably more aimed at EAPI. Different types of USE flags. The 2 I’m thinking of off the top of my head could be described as volatile and non-volatile. Basically a use flag marked volatile means a package needs to be recompiled if it gets changed one marked non-volatile most likely just pulls in another dependency or copies files such as documentation.

Regen2 development has officially begun

That’s right I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s small but the first 2 packages when into the regen2 treethis morning. They are MySQL 5.1.30 which was added because the gentoo maintainer refused to add it do to instability. I agree that it is unstable, but we have ~M Hard Masked packages for that reason. It has been added as ~M. The other app added is qsynergy, the ebuild was already on portage and I know it to be good so I added it to the tree, I’ll probably stabilize it in a few weeks.