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Override DNS on a Linux system without root

I had this problem for a long time, and no one ever proposed a good solution. Recently I got a new answer on my, almost 2 year old, Unix and Linux StackExchange question. This information seems very obscure and so I thought I’d share it, if you too have had this problem and were unable to find this, or at least found finding it hard, consider upvoting the answer. Problem You’re using a Linux system that you don’t have root on, you need to override the DNS of the system.

Port forwarding in OpenWRT

So you need the outside world to have access to some box’s on your internal network. first you should use Static DHCPto tell static the IP’s of the computer you’re routing to. Then you of course need to know the inbound from the outside world and the port on the computer you are forwarding too. For this example we’ll forward WAN (Wide Area Network (or (probably) the Internet)) port 8080 to a local dev box running Apache on httpd (we assume you know how to set apache up and make sure it’s working on the LAN(Local Area Network)).

OpenWRT static DHCP

I use OpenWRT on my Linksys WRT54GL, all shell, no web interface. My basic problem is that both me and my roomate need ports forwarded from the internet to our systems. This means NAT, for nat you need to know the IP address that you’re forwarding too. I could just ‘static’ the IP on our boxes and then set up the NAT. This is not the correct way to do things, as it would be much more difficult to keep track of who uses what IP and make sure that dnsmasq doesn’t give out our static-ed IP’s.