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bash and konsole

So I’ve had lots of problems using a multi-tab xterminal, for the casual user I’m sure they’d not even notice them, or think I’m silly, but when you spend all day in a shell they become less so. Historyone of the big problems I’ve had is with history. see when you close a shell then it writes the history. well if you have 5 tabs open each with with a super long history they’ll write those histories out in the order they close in.

KDE 4 is finally ready for users

I just installed KDE SC 4.4 last night and I can say that I feel that it’s finally general user ready. The last bug that I felt would prevent average use is now gone. What was that bug? when you pressed print screen nothing would happen. There was a workaround to make print screen work but it didn’t work out of the box. I feel that there are some things that should just work and that’s one of them.

Bypassing disabled accounts with KDM

So the most common way of disabling an account in a unix system is changing the users shell in /etc/passwd to /bin/false or /sbin/nologin. However, I’ve discovered on Arch Linux that if I do this only shell login’s are disabled, I was still able to log the user in with gui via kdm. I also tried using usermod –expiredate 1. this was not effective either however. the only way I found to lock the account from kdm login was to do a passwd -l accountname, which only locks password authentication.