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to Gentoo dev or not to Gentoo dev

| 114 words | Regen2 Gentoo
So after a little post about Regen2 on the Gentoo-dev mailing list. I’ve been offered mentoring to become an official gentoo dev. I’m conflicted, my main reason for saying yes would be to learn stuff that I can’t learn on my own. But I’m not sure I really want to be a gentoo-dev this means doing these other time consuming things, and I wouldn’t be able to do nearly enough from the inside.

Funtoo News

| 184 words | Regen2 Gentoo Funtoo Funtoo Newsletter
I’ve decided I’m going to start posting a sort of weekly newsletter (I’m not committing to weekly though) merely to document anything I feel important that happened, or is about to, but isn’t quite important enough for it’s own post.RA(ra– on #funtoo) or r_a@lavabit.comsubmitted quite a few patches this week including 1 that fixes many of my major borkage on non-latin1 changelog breaks. He’s become a regular contributor and I’d like to thank him.

Funtoo gets the new Perl

| 306 words | Regen2 overlay Gentoo perl Funtoo
Soon, Dan Robbins will be merging my perl-experimental branch which contains the perl-experimental overlay. This overlay contains a handful of packages, the most important of which is perl-5.10.0 which has been out for about a year now and Gentoo still hasn’t put in portage. One nuisance of the perl-experimental overlay is they don’t use changelogs which means if you want to know what’s going on with a package from this you’ll have to check out git log as well as the changelog.

Regen2 development has officially begun

| 148 words | Regen2 Linux Gentoo Funtoo Portage
That’s right I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s small but the first 2 packages when into the regen2 treethis morning. They are MySQL 5.1.30 which was added because the gentoo maintainer refused to add it do to instability. I agree that it is unstable, but we have ~M Hard Masked packages for that reason. It has been added as ~M. The other app added is qsynergy, the ebuild was already on portage and I know it to be good so I added it to the tree, I’ll probably stabilize it in a few weeks.

ReGen2 Linux

| 24 words | Regen2 Linux Gentoo Open Source
I’m starting a blog for my thoughts on forking Gentoo Linux here–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.