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Sunrise's over Funtoo

Sunrisea Gentoooverlayis being added to Funtoo. So if you’ve got layman tracking sunrise and you’re using funtoo you’ll be able to delete sunrise from your overlays as I’ll be merging sunrise’s reviewed ebuilds daily.The hardest part of the whole process was merging package.mask, use.local.desc and categories. Since this is new be on the lookout for bugs or problems.Want to add an overlay to funtoo yourself? First, it’ll have to be a git or svn overlay.

Regen2 development has officially begun

That’s right I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s small but the first 2 packages when into the regen2 treethis morning. They are MySQL 5.1.30 which was added because the gentoo maintainer refused to add it do to instability. I agree that it is unstable, but we have ~M Hard Masked packages for that reason. It has been added as ~M. The other app added is qsynergy, the ebuild was already on portage and I know it to be good so I added it to the tree, I’ll probably stabilize it in a few weeks.