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Override DNS on a Linux system without root

I had this problem for a long time, and no one ever proposed a good solution. Recently I got a new answer on my, almost 2 year old, Unix and Linux StackExchange question. This information seems very obscure and so I thought I’d share it, if you too have had this problem and were unable to find this, or at least found finding it hard, consider upvoting the answer. Problem You’re using a Linux system that you don’t have root on, you need to override the DNS of the system.

Adding and Deleting subdomains with Plesk on the Command Line

Plesk has the disadvantage that everything is done through thedatabase. So we can’t just modify Bind’s Zone files.To add an A record of a subdomain you have to do the following:/usr/local/psa/bin/dns -a domain.tld -a subdomain -ip first -a is for add to zone which is why it must specify the toplevel domen, the second is for A record, and must not contain the fulldomain only the subdomain. If you use the full domainsubdomain.