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Business::CyberSource API is stabilizing as of 0.7.x

Business::CyberSource (BC) has been going through API changes for a while now. If you’re using it you’ve probably noticed this and wondered why? The reason behind it was when I first made it I wanted it to be extremely simple to use, and I was realistically a Junior programmer. Over the past year I learned a lot about API design and Object Oriented Programming, as well as payment gateways and credit card transaction processing. Read more →

Interface Driven Design

What is Interface Driven Design? Interface Driven Design simply means that you should design your software around a flexible, easy to use, easy to understand interface. This is easy to achieve if your objects are of SOLID design. There is a simple table and reference link if you’re not familiar with the principles. My Work is SOLID already Then you’re on the right track but it’s not enough if you don’t fully marry the concept to best practices. Read more →

Adventures with SOAP using Perl: Part 0 ( prelude )

This is a prelude to a series on working with SOAP Requests using Perl. For the past 3 months I have been working on a Perl API for CyberSource’s Simple Order API which uses SOAP (I should note, that although I believe most of the API is now stable some area’s still need work, and thus I don’t expect it to reach 1.0.0 anytime soon). First I used SOAP::Lite to do my requests, but I found it confusing to construct the requests that I needed to make. Read more →