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Poor Support - READ WHAT I SAID

For Starters I’m annoyed and ranting. I’m going to pick on some particular companies, but this problem applies to the WHOLE support industry.Stop using generic scripted answers for problems where they obviously don’t apply. I’ve used them myself in the support industry, but where they apply.Examples are paraphrasedExample1: and there poorly worded emailsMe> I received an email saying that I had recently bought or viewed lawnmowers, I haven’t. Has my account been compromised?

Open Source it or not?

When building a new web service should you open source it or not? if you do open source it, it may make it harder to have a revenue.I am of course building my product on a LAMP stack, and I’m a huge open source proponent. But if the majority of the revenue model is based around people using my site, wouldn’t it hurt me to allow others to basically rebuild my site on there own?