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Teaching Perl - Week 2

Teaching Perl - Week 1 - ( Part2 )

Teaching Perl - Week 1 - ( Part1 )

Make sure you’ve read Part 0first.As I said before Baker provides a Linux server for the perl class. However, none of the students have had a unix class. So I advise touching on it and giving them a link to these tutorialsif they want to use it, and a helping hand. The book also talks about ActiveState but this isn’t the recommended way to do perl on windows anymore. Avoiding crux will prevent you from wasting a week or more on unix which is not what the class is about (my instructor failed horribly at this, and at knowing unix (or perl for that matter) well enough to cover it).

Teaching Perl - Part 0 - Preface

This is my 2 cents on how perl should be getting taught at my school. My school’s curriculum sucks in general across the board. But assuming I can’t change what classes are taught, when and what prerequisites this is how I would teach perl given the current computer science curriculum.Since people reading this are probably not familiar with the Fail that is Baker College(I would not choose Baker if I had to start again but credits don’t transfer easily, so it was easier to continue on with it).