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Thinking of presenting at YAPC::NA 2014

So I’m thinking of proposing some talks for YAPC::NA Orlando, and/or maybe do some training. Here’s my thought on what I could do that would be a contribution and different from other talks. For Training it might just be a combination of all of the concepts I could do as individual talks. Basically the idea is “I’ve learned Perl and Moo[se], now how do I build a large application”. UML SOLID Object Oriented Design Design Patterns Domain Driven Design Patterns of Application Architecture Service Oriented Architectures, REST, ROA, RPC (including RESTful RPC and Resource Oriented RPC), and Pub/Sub ORM Patterns ( Active Record / Data Mapper / Transaction Script ) MVC Layered Architecture Ports and Adapters Dependency Injection ( with Bread::Board ) Let me know your thoughts.