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Managing CPAN on Arch Linux

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So if you’re running Arch Linux and want to install a bunch of packages from CPAN the best way is NOT to use the official cpan client, or even the new cpanminus. No your best bet is to use AUR or lacking AUR packages, create your own, and I’m gonna walk you through how I do it. The really nice thing about installing packages with Pacman is that unlike cpan there is a utility to uninstall them.

Bypassing disabled accounts with KDM

| 217 words | Arch security authentication kdm pam accounts hall of shame kde kde4
So the most common way of disabling an account in a unix system is changing the users shell in /etc/passwd to /bin/false or /sbin/nologin. However, I’ve discovered on Arch Linux that if I do this only shell login’s are disabled, I was still able to log the user in with gui via kdm. I also tried using usermod –expiredate 1. this was not effective either however. the only way I found to lock the account from kdm login was to do a passwd -l accountname, which only locks password authentication.

Arch, Funtoo, and Regen2's future

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as I’ve been saying here recently I’m burned out, on so many angles it’s not funny. I’m apathetic, I’m not really sure I care anymore. I’m actually playing with arch at the moment to see if it’s a better fit. I also here debian sid might work. I don’t want to maintain the tree 7 days a week anymore, and I’d like an up to date system. I’ve been talking with Daniel Robbins lately about the possibility of a common tree with Funtoo, I’m not sure he wants to do it the same way I do, which is unfortunate.