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What’s wrong with Open Source Developers

I was going to write something up about what’s wrong with open source developers. But Beranger beat me to it by explaining why Open Source is not about love.

I agree with him on everything except what he says about kde (and even that’s not wrong kde4 just isn’t ready to be judged yet).

I have one thing to say in addition to it though.

There are 4 kinds of open source developers

1.) The insulting arrogant loud mouth
2.) The developer that doesn’t develop and is never heard from
3.) The developer that develops and says not all of us are like #1 and #2 (but is otherwise quite)
4.) The developer that speaks up, helps with fixing user problems (whether just telling you how. or writing a patch) and is polite about it. Sometimes they won’t fix your problem now, but hey, programming does take time, and there are priorities.

#4 is the only good one of the bunch.

I admit that sometimes I am more like #1 than I should be. But we can’t all be Buddha all of the time.

Those of you not striving to be like #4 are part of the problem. I don’t want to use your project. Even if I could fix your project I wouldn’t, because I have more important things to do, and better people to help.


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