My blog is 6 years old and 200 posts, and over 120k hits, Probably my first interesting post is when decided I was switching to git from svn, and it’s not very interesting, and I think much more poorly written than I write things now. Since then I’ve re-skinned the blog to new templates at least twice. I now list books that I recommend on the right side of my blog, and I’ve ensured that all content is clearly licensed under the creative commons. Personally I’ve moved from being a student, to system administrator, to Perl developer, and am now building things with Java and potentially Ruby.

Given that I’m now building things in Java and Ruby their may be posts that are about those technologies and the good and bad things I’ve found out about them. One thing I’ll say is that some of the Java as a language hate is as unfounded as the hate for Perl. All languages have good and bad things about them, even Perl 6 has warts in its design.

Since Java is my full time job now, and I have little reason to be doing Perl as I’ve been unhappy with the Perl 5 Framework landscape, I’m unlikely to continue developing features for my Perl 5 modules. If you’re interested in becoming a comaintainer on any of my modules, my requirement is that you show interest in the module by contributing high quality patches to that module. I’d like to see evidence that I won’t have to come back and fix things later, and that your interest is sincere. If you’re not interested in being a comaint patches are still welcome.

I haven’t found frameworks that I’m completely happy with in any other language either, at this point I’m considering making a very minor project developing a full framework for Perl 6. This framework (probably split into components) would be built on a new Dependency Injection module, using what I’ve learned from Bread::Board, AngularJS, and Java’s CDI. It would also include an ORM that is based on Data Mapper principles and make high use of introspection. I would like to mention I have some doubt in myself making serious traction, but we’ll see.