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Tagged - A site that doesn’t get it right

Tagged yet another Social Networking site. I don’t mind that these sites want to connect to my email and check for contacts… but always ALWAYS allow me to skip that section. I find it poor security to enter my password just because something asks for it. Fortunately I was smart enough to stop entering data, and click a link in the ‘welcome to’ email to go straight to my profile. I’m adding them to the hall of shame for being a security risk.

The only reason I’m even joining this is to be able to communicate with an old friend who I haven’t heard from in a long time.

EDIT: HA! on top of this they won’t allow me to post my blogspot url in my profile. Well I guess you know how little I think of them.In fact they won’t allow you to use the word blogspot anywhere. It’s ‘banned content’.

EDIT: just to add another thing their site acts like complete crap in firefox on linux.


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