Release Highlights

  • vanilla-sources-
  • gcc-4.3.3
  • glibc-2.9_20081201-r2
  • openrc-0.4.3-r1
  • baselayout-2.0.0-r2
  • git-
  • perl-5.10.0
  • bash-4.0_p17

app-sh/dash is now included in the tarball, in the next major release I hope to make it /bin/sh please test and report any bugs with doing this. apache2 and mysql are known to have issues. openrc works fine, the average desktop system should work.

Known Issues emerge --sync will not clone the tree if it does not exist in portage 2.1

so for now you’ll have to work around that issue. by manually doing the git clone.


torrents are here and here actual tracker is TPB. http downloads are here thanks to is_null for the mirror. If you’re interested in mirroring them let me know. I’ll put up a proper mirror list at some point.

Edit Thanks to theappleman for more hosting. HTTP (Europe) FSP (just for fun ^^, it’d take about 8-9hrs to download the x86)

some links removed because I’m sure none of them work anymore, and this page is archived