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Perl Blogger annoyances

So I love Iron Man and people who blog perl. But I’ve got some complaints.

  1. No Language Specific Feeds. I’m not discriminating against people of foreign languages I want a Russian only feed as much as an English only. I just can’t read it, and I’d rather not have it in my feed. So I’m using Dagolden’s English only Feed. This feed doesn’t work 100% right however, see next.

  2. Dagolden’s feed apparently hate’s blogger. I always see posts that come from blogger’s atom feed full of html tags instead of formatting so I have to view the original source instead of just reading in my feed reader. This doesn’t happen with my refeeded feedburner source that I’ve given to ironman.

  3. I can’t always Comment on good Blogger’s stuff. I’m gonna pic on 2 that I like: Modern Perl by chromatic, and Matt S Trout’s Blog. The former is run on Movable Type and I can’t comment because it’s OpenID implementation won’t accept google or blogger’s OpenID, it causes an error for both (yes I can auth with blogger and google in other places such as StackOverflow), it also doesn’t accept anonymous comments. In MST’s case, he’s just never gotten around to implementing comments.

  4. Spam, about 1 in every 20 posts (numbers pooma) is nothing but spam. It contains nothing but a list of … tags or something… Clearly contains no actual content.

This is just a rant… feel free to ignore. But maybe someone will look at it and say… oh I didn’t know that was happening… I can fix that.


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