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open letter to Dan Robbins - merge regen2

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I had an interesting conversation with thewtex on #funtoo yesterday. My conclusion is, this divergence of tree’s is stupid. We should be working on a common base, at least common enough that users could relatively easily merge our tree’s. My tree is currently ahead of yours in content by 3 sunrise merges, 1 mpd, and the 2 merges of the python overlay. Your users can’t easily get these updates.Due to the fact that we have irreconcilable views on what patches we allow, the fork must remain. However, users don’t have to suffer for it. The solution is to base on I can’t base on because I have stricter QA policies, however those policies shouldn’t negatively affect funtoo, I can continue to cherry-pick patches that you wish to put into funtoo, so they end up in regen2 as well.This will require that you, trust me enough to merge the tree. I will be handling the gentoo and overlay merges. You will simply merge my tree daily.In order to resolve the differences of the tree as they stand I suggest creating a funtoo.org2 branch that’s based on and discontinuing the maintenance of cherry-pick any patches I haven’t applied to regen2 (I can point out which ones) and apply any other changes you need to. The other option is to merge my tree, this will be painful and arduous for you, but require no work on the part of your users.This resolves many problems. 1 you won’t have to deal with the main tree or overlays, 2 you won’t have to run your patches by me and can do what you want, 3 users get the best of both worlds, 4 developers can choose to email you inline patches, or send me pull requests. Everyone should go home happy from this.what say you?P.S. I will not have it said that I want a rift in the community, I want whats best for all kinds of users and the status quo is not.EDIT: in short the answer is no. drobbins doesn’t want to merge my tree, as it’s supposedly untrusted, he also doesn’t want to cherry-pick patches out of my tree. I don’t want to spend time merging the overlays just for Funtoo, on top of merging them for Regen2. Apparently my bug fixes, and version bumps aren’t good enough for Funtoo. This work by Caleb Cushing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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