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I have an account?

Most people complain, “I don’t know what my username and password for site x is”. I don’t have that problem, because I use the username xenoterracide almost everywhere, except for anal places that provide me with usernames, like my bank or school, or don’t allow that many characters in the username.

My problem is I can’t remember all the places I have an account.

I was looking at flickr last night, needed an account to look at something. So I went to sign in with my yahoo account. which is/was xeno_terra_cide, accidentally I typed in xenoterracide, because I’m so used to it. I discovered that xenoterracide had become available since the last time I checked (when I originally opened an account it was not). So I registered it. Then I went to flickr, it asked for a flicker username so I gave it xenoterracide, it yells at me, user exists. It didn’t tell me that when I tried logging in before, it told me user didn’t exist and the id was available. So then I get to go about, merging accounts. That was a bit tricky, although less so than when I merged, blogger, adsense, and google accounts.

This isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten that I have an account someplace and won’t be the last. Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a system for storing this. I wipe my computer and user account too often. Although that’s getting rarer.


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