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GPL 3 and Artistic 2.0 Software::License

As of right now Software::License has no way to combine licenses on the fly. To be honest this deficiency might not be a bug in SL, it could be in Pod::Weaver or Dist::Zilla this is a know deficiency and RJBS plans on fixing it at some point. In the mean time we can implement dual licenses (and multi-licenses) in much the same way the Perl5 license is implemented.

I was probably in legal violation (I am not a lawyer) with Template::ShowStartStop version 0.05 and 0.06 because I used Perl_5 licensing because that’s the closest I could get with Dist::Zilla, due to the limitation. So I created Software::License::GPL3andArtistic2 which is sort of a perl5 license, except that it mandates the latest version of GPL and Artistic (at the time of this writing). Version 0.07 of Template::ShowStartStop is back in compliance with the licensing of the code I forked from Template::Timer.

This hasn’t, and will probably not be merged into Software::License because it’s just a stopgap measure until multi-license support can be implemented.

this is apparently not necessary according to Duncan and the this interview I’ve updated the module to reflect this. Hopefully, it can serve as an educational source.

Curious… why doesn’t Perl5 switch to the Artistic 2.0 then… (I wonder what that would mean for ‘under the same terms as perl5’ but actually including gpl1 and artistic 1).


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