given Jeff Atwoods recent blog post and an inspiration today for me to write a “falsehoods” about versions.

If you’d like to contribute yours please feel free to send me a pull request, it’d be greatly appreciated.

  1. versions always increase
  2. versions are numbers
  3. versions are strings
  4. versions are semantic
  5. versions are decimals
  6. a major number of 1 or above means stable api
  7. versions with the same major number will have the same api
  8. versions have numbers, periods, and maybe a preceding v
  9. semantic is always the best way to go
  10. versions are consistent within a project
  11. semantic versions will never see double digits or triple digits within dots
  12. at least if you’re using a semantic version people can compare it correctly
  13. versions will be consistent amongst projects in a given language or community
  14. semantic versioning cannot be represented as number or decimal
  15. as long as the versions increase the length of the version doesn’t matter
  16. if versions have the same number they are equivalent
  17. in a given archive all code will have the same version
  18. semantic versions can only have 3 positions
  19. dates are bad for versions
  20. versions always increase by exactly one