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Banned from #funtoo

After significant time, consideration, and consultation with others in #funtoo, there is a consensus that the discussion in #funtoo should focus on Funtoo. Therefore, I have decided to ban you from #funtoo and encourage you to set up your own channel(s) for your personal efforts.
Please utilize Daniel Cordero (TheAppleMan) as your liaison for submitting patches and discussing technical issues.

I like how all of this was done behind the scenes… oh and I was never asked to leave. I just woke up this morning banned. I find it interesting that Gentoo and Sabayon are considered ok topics of discussion, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten banned for saying use one of those. But Regen2 seems to be a sore spot. I would have left if asked… I find the ban unnecessary. Or maybe I would have just idled watching for bug reports, I’ve unfortunately ended up laughing at most of them, as there have been quite a few on qt, and I preemptively masked the new qt, knowing that upstream wouldn’t have it all sorted yet. Anyways… I’d like to state that I personally disagree with all the private discussions that go on in Funtoo. In gentoo the problems are public and distracting, when I was part of Funtoo, they were made private, this does not appear to be different now. It’s possible this was discussed in #funtoo-dev as I stopped hanging out in that room when I stopped being a funtoo-dev. I think in general it’s a bit hypocritical. I suppose you could say, “you were asked to not talk about regen2 what did you expect?”, I didn’t actually expect not to get banned, I did expect to be asked to leave, or shut up, with the threat of being banned first.

Daniel Cordero (TheAppleMan) has offered to grab patches from the regen2-dev mailing list. no solution for overlays for funtoo was ever decided. I have left it up to them to figure it out, since I refuse to maintain both my tree and apply patches to theirs… (and remove them when they don’t want them). I can’t actually guarantee either my individual patches or the overlays will be merged.

I’ll be continuing to import patches from funtoo, although recently I realized it will be most likely impossible to get them all as drobbins commits quite a few patches during his merges. I recently found out that udev had been updated and had some house cleaning done (there is no stable udev in funtoo now (I think I didn’t actually check keywords)) all versions before 135 are gone. So I checked to see if I missed a patch… I didn’t which means it was changed in a merge… those are the only commits affecting those directories.

Best of luck to Funtooers.

NOTE: ah… I apologize for the formatting issue in the blockquote, seems to be a problem with blogger. I’ve fixed it best I can.


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