So advent is 24 days of high quality tutorials, and it’s great, and ++ too all the people who make articles. But I’ve got a problem… it never shows up in my feed that I read in Feedly (formerly read in Google reader). This is compounded by the fact that there are many advents, each with there own yearly feed… so each year I have to poke around at the various projects to see if they’re doing advent, and if so to subscribe to the feed. The solution… we just have the advents aggregated by ironman This is a really cheap hack, but would allow the advents that are being created a greater distribution than it is probably now getting. We could also just patch the various advent sofwares to provide a feed that continues eternally year after year, instead of a new feed each year which seems not so useful, and make sure we provide that link instead of the “just this year” link, in the UI. I suppose I could go fix it… but at this time I’m not sure where the source code for advent is, nor whether each advent has it’s own software backing it, Perl 6 is using Wordpress which doesn’t have this problem. I suppose I could add the ones I find to ironman but maybe the advent creator’s don’t do that for a reason, so I’d rather not step on toes.