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Adding and Deleting subdomains with Plesk on the Command Line

Plesk has the disadvantage that everything is done through the
database. So we can’t just modify Bind’s Zone files.

To add an A record of a subdomain you have to do the following:

/usr/local/psa/bin/dns -a domain.tld -a subdomain -ip

the first -a is for add to zone which is why it must specify the top
level domen, the second is for A record, and must not contain the full
domain only the subdomain. If you use the full domain
subdomain.domain.tld you will end up with a record like
subdomain.domain.tld.domain.tld because plesk does not allow you to
terminate with a .. Thank you plesk for a shitty interface. The record
this create’s looks like

subdomain.domain.tld. IN A

To delete this record you would use the following

/usr/local/psa/bin/dns -d domain.tld -a subdomain -ip

you’ll note that it’s the exact same thing except you replace the
first -a which is for add, with -d for delete.


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