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no more stabalizing rx one after another

so yesterday gentoo stabilized. gentoo-sources 2.6.24-r3 today they are stabilizing 2.6.24-r4. Come on people? I just built the damn kernel didn’t you test long enough before releasing? well here goes building another kernel.–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


emerge-ng should be able to build rpms, and debs. regen2 should be the distro that builds other distro’s, not only should it be good at that (gentoo is now) it should be designed for it.–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

kde-overlay (svn) now requires paludis

details are hereso apparently the folks running the kde overlay have decided to discontinue portage compatibility. I suppose I can’t blame them, on the other hand I don’t approve. Even though I haven’t started testing paludis yet. I am still firmly against it as it is as gentoo’s next package manager. I won’t be regen2’s without heavy modification. Including some re-writes. I do intend to investigate the possibility of using paludis code in emerge-ng.

pkgcore & paludis

So I figure it isn’t fair to judge them without using them for a bit (even though they miss the mark of being drop in). Over then next few days I will be testing them to see how they work.

emerge-ng multiple trees

first I hate repositories, but it is unlikely they will go away. So we must strive to make sure that they are only needed for truly rare things. from my perspective the sunrise repo shouldn’t exist. and vcs builds should be in the tree. regen2 should strive to have everything possible in the tree. when it can’t an overlay should have all the capabilities of the main tree. meaning that an overlay shouldn’t automagically be considered less stable and require the keywording of all the ebuilds in it.

emerge-ng and vcs builds

gentoo is a source based distribution, and this is a good thing. why then has the ability to have trunk builds (which has been added to many overlay’s) seem like such a hack? all non-binary program ebuilds in the tree should have a ‘trunk’ version option. emerge –sync should then be able to find out whether trunk has been updated so you can correctly rebuild programs as needed with emerge –ask –verbose –update –deep –newuse world–This workby Caleb Cushingis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.

what is regen2 linux?

In short a concept aimed at forking Gentoo Linux. First some history and my own experiences.Gentoo is a sick adolescent who refuses to acknowledge his illness. Because he refuses to acknowledge the illness he can’t be helped. There are many who have ideas about how to help him. Some of those are wrong.Gentoo’s biggest problem? Democracy. Making it actually work is not easy. Most of the really successful, open source, projects have one or two people at the top.


at the time of this writing. a concept for software with a name that may not be it’s final, and it may never get done.emerge-ng should ultimately be a drop in replacement for the portage package (the main package manager) in gentoo linux.for clarity I will be referring to portage as the software and if I mean to refer to portage’s tree (basically one giant software repository), I will refer to it that way.

TCO Windows vs Linux (Part 1: a Linux Professonal)

Today fsdaily posted an forum threadasking why they should use linux but not using certain reasons. However, some of the reasons they said can’t be used are part of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a computer.What is TCO? Here’s some of what Wikipediasays about it.A TCO assessment ideally offers a final statement reflecting not only the cost of purchase but all aspects in the further use and maintenance of the equipment, device, or system considered.

The real problem with windows is not windows

(note: this was originally intended as a reply to Why Is So Hard for Windows Users to Understand That Linux Is Not Windows, but it got so long I felt it should be it’s own post. I’m not sure the title is good, but it’s close enough)(note: I use the term users in this blog to mean people who use computers that do not, develop, administrate, repair, or are other wise considered power users, and professional computer users.